My No-Spend Year // Month 3 – I’m Not Sure I Can Do This

My No-Spend Year // Month 3 – I’m Not Sure I Can Do This

Percentage of income saved – 46%

Belief in myself to complete this project – 25%

So here we are, month 3, and my god this is getting difficult!

The thing I have mainly struggled with this month is the realisation that I WANT to spend money. I’m not really sure if I started out on this to try and make myself realise that possessions aren’t everything, or if I did it purely to save money. What I do know now is that I am only doing it to save money. Does this make me sound materialistic?


Does that bother me?

Not really.

I found myself thinking that if we had enough money to have the holidays we want to, AND still buy things on a regular basis, then I definitely would not be doing this. It is because we can’t afford to do both at the minute. Thats why I am doing it.

Buying new clothes? Makes you feel good about yourself. Buying bits for the house? Makes you proud of the home you are creating. Buying an iced chai latte and a muffin? It tastes bloody good. We have never been splurgers, and always spent sensibly, but I am struggling with the fact that I can’t have both. The holidays will always be my priority. But acceptance is key for the next few months ahead…

I am now working an extra shift each week to provide the money to save for our trips! I have, therefore, had to reassess this project slightly. From here out, I am going to allow myself a monthly allowance so that I can buy myself something, whether thats clothes, shoes, jewellery, some new Minnie ears for Disney, you get the gist. I’m only talking £50 a month, but I think for my sanity it is needed. Not just as a reward for working so hard (!!), but also to take the pressure off a bit, and the stress of not being allowed to spend money but wanting to.

After all, this is the year of less, not the year of nothing…

Sian x


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  1. Patty Rosato
    April 25, 2019 / 8:25 pm

    I’m interested in doing this – how did the year go?

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