Family // 10 Things To Expect When Your Baby Becomes A Toddler!

Family // 10 Things To Expect When Your Baby Becomes A Toddler!

So you’ve got through the tough newborn stage, have enjoyed them learning to sit, to wean, to stand, and you start to think you are supermum. Well, stop right there! They start walking, their independence sets in and they become a lot more challenging! Here are 10 things to expect when your baby becomes a toddler…

1. You will have to learn to share food – I never let anyone take my food before (think Joey from friends – “Sian doesn’t share food!”), now I probably only get about 50% of each meal to myself!

2. Your house will never be clean and tidy again. Ever. No matter how hard you try. We’ve got to the stage where the sofas/carpets/paintwork needs changing, but there is just no point at the minute…

3. You will say their name so many times that you begin to doubt whether it is even a word.

4. Before they start talking properly you will agree to many things – who knows what they are, just say yes. Easy life, people, easy life.

5. Your most used phrases will become “be careful/be gentle/ah-ah no/what did I tell you?/just leave your bloody socks on!”

6. And no matter how much you say “be careful”, it will always end in tears. Always.

7. You learn ‘that smile’ at fellow parents (in fact, just anybody that dares to come near you and your limb thrashing human) when dealing with a public toddler meltdown. The ‘I’m-absolutely-fine-and-completely-in-control-of-the-situation’ smile. When really you both know that you just want the ground to swallow you up and for said toddler to stop chuffing crying.

8. Those breathing techniques you learnt before giving birth? They’ll come in very handy.

9. Wine is your friend. Or gin. Just anything alcoholic, really.

But, when all is said and done…

10. Getting a cuddle/kiss/”I love you” from a toddler is possibly one of the best feelings ever. Just pure, unconditional love, you are the centre of that little persons world, and there really is nothing like it.


Sian x


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