My No- Spend Year // Month 2 Update

My No- Spend Year // Month 2 Update

Percentage of income saved – 24%

Money carried over into savings* – £119.10

Belief in myself to complete this project – 70%

*This has never happened before, money left over from the previous month! What has happened to me?!


Well, I would be lying if I said this month has been easy. It was definitely a lot harder than the first month. The excitement wears off, the reality sets in, and I have regularly thought ‘shit, what am I doing?’.

But I’ve done it, another month under my belt.

One thing I’ve found is I’m getting annoyed at myself when I HAVE to spend money. Whether this is a good thing I don’t know, but I do know that it has encouraged my no-spending! I have purchased a couple of things from my approved list, and I had my hair cut, both quite an expense…

Things/Successes/Failures that have happened this month:

  • Standing outside H&M having an argument with myself about a T-Shirt that I wanted, but didn’t need. I didn’t buy it.
  • Forgetting to take lunch with me to an assessment day for work. I had to buy lunch. Bad times.
  • Telling myself I wasn’t going to buy a drink and a cake at the farm, but being hot, bothered and hungry by lunchtime. I bought the cheapest cake/biscuit and a cold drink otherwise I might have died (sliiiight exaggeration). This was balanced out, though, as the ladies I went to the farm with had annual passes so we got in for free….
  • Getting the next lot of clothes down for Daisy and feeling immense guilt that she just has hand-me-downs. One of the conditions to myself when starting this project was to make sure the girls still didn’t go without, but being sensible in my purchases. She must be bigger than her sister at this age though, as all the clothes are autumn/winter, so I will have to buy some summer clothes for her (especially as we go away in October). However, I will not rush these decisions and will aim to just buy a ‘capsule summer wardrobe’ for her.
  • Really struggling with wanting to follow bloggers on Instagram, all of whom have new outfits on a very regular basis. Must. Not. Get. Jealous. (She says, I definitely am jealous).

This month we have also had a little family holiday, but we managed to not go spend-crazy. We only had a couple of meals out, made use of free days out and vouchers available, and just enjoyed the great outdoors without spending lots of money. We even managed a day trip to the Isle of Wight on a budget. I am so proud of us.

For the next few months I now have huge inspiration to do well, as we have booked another trip to Florida for next February, meaning we need to save, save, and save some more. The past couple of months shows that it can be done though, and I actually have a new-found excitement having already reaped the benefits.

And to anyone wondering whether you could do this too? You really can. Go for it.

Bring on the next month,

Sian x



  1. Esther
    June 28, 2018 / 5:45 pm

    Keep it up Hun your all inspiring xxx

    • sianknapp
      June 29, 2018 / 10:42 pm

      Ah thanks love! x

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