Travel // Walt Disney World, Florida 2018 (Part 3)

Travel // Walt Disney World, Florida 2018 (Part 3)

First off, apologies that this has taken a lot longer than the few days I promised, my blog was having a bit of a makeover and then life just kind of got in the way! Now where were we…

We started off day 9 with breakfast at ‘Ohana at the Polynesian Resort, another one that one day we hope to stay at and tick off the list! We weren’t overly impressed with the experience but hope to try it for dinner next time we visit as we hear good things about the food. Lots of autographs were added to the book though, and the girls loved meeting Lilo & Stitch!

After breakfast we set off for a wander around Celebration, a town originally designed by the Walt Disney company, and WOW – it is a picture perfect place to explore. Tree-lined streets, colonial houses, walks around the lake, you get the gist! An amazingly relaxing morning, finished off with an al fresco lunch and ice-cream by the water. Celebration is definitely somewhere we will head back to next time we visit.

You’ve probably noticed that we just cannot stay away from the parks, so an afternoon at Epcot was on the cards (via the cocktail bar at our resort while the girls slept, obvs)!

We made our way through to Norway in the World Showcase as we had a fastpass booked for the Frozen ride. We all really enjoyed it, a boat ride suitable for the kids but with a couple of ‘thrills’, the gift shop afterwards took at least half an hour to get through though, with our Frozen obsessed 3-year-old! Carrying on with the princess themed afternoon we went for dinner at Akershus, a character dining experience with the Disney princesses. We met Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora. Lyla had the time of her life, she adored the princesses! Oh and the food, don’t even get me started on the food…


We had planned to stay and watch the fireworks, however the 9pm start was just too late to keep the girls up so we headed back and bedded down for the night.




The next morning Callum returned the car (turning a 30 minute job into a 2 hour one, but thats a story for another day) and then we headed back to Magic Kingdom for a couple of hours, catching the amazing trolley show on the way in!

We then hopped on the railroad for a trip round to Tomorrowland for our fast pass at the Speedway. Lyla was going through a ‘red’ phase, so the fact she wasn’t in a red car, and wasn’t on the ride with mummy, made it an experience to forget! Poor daddy! After a quick stop at the purple wall for some photos, we headed to Casey’s corner for lunch – a bit of a tradition for us. The lines are crazy here with it being the most convenient quick service for anyone visiting Main Street but we eventually got our hot dogs which we timed perfectly for the Move It! Shake It! parade passing by!

Then we did a bit more resort hopping, visiting the Grand Floridian resort.


This place is insanely beautiful, like, can’t even put it into words beautiful.

A quick hop back on the monorail and then straight onto the boat, and we arrived at Fort Wilderness resort for our reservation at the Hoop Dee Doo Revue, a full on hoedown with all-you-can-eat food and drink! We did this last time and loved it, and seeing the joy on the girls faces made it well worth doing again. The performers are fantastic and the corn bread, oh my, the corn bread – SO GOOD! I love visiting this resort too and is somewhere we’d love to stay one day (I’m aware I have said that about all of the resorts, but what’s a girl to do when they’re all so nice?!).




I can’t quite believe we’re at day 11 already?! It was a bit chilly today so we rearranged our pool plans and headed back to Epcot. Lyla and I went straight on Nemo and Friends, she loves this style of ride, and again the gift shop was interesting to get her out of! As we wandered around afterwards, we stumbled across Character Spot, and noticed it was Joy & Sadness. Inside Out is one of my favourite films so there was no way we weren’t queueing to see them, and it was so worth it! A great interaction and one I’m so glad we waited for.

We headed back to the seas pavilion for our Turtle Talk with Crush fast pass. A fab interactive show for the kids with some ‘adult’ jokes in there for the parents too! We then spent aaaages looking at the aquarium, the favourite animal being the manatees, the girls were infatuated. We could have stayed here for hours and it made us feel good as parents as it was very educational!

A bite to eat at Sunshine Seasons (with a beautiful cupcake) and a ride on Living with the Land (another success) and it was nap time! Yay! Starbucks time and a relaxed wander for mummy and daddy…

We made our way to Disney Springs when the girls woke up and *might* have stopped off to get a new pair of RayBans each, oops! we tried out a new restaurant for dinner – Raglan Road – after hearing great reviews. It turned out to be one of our favourite meals of the holiday (even if Daisy tried everything she could to ruin it LOL), both for the food, and the experience. The music and the dancers were just mesmerising and made it a really enjoyable evening.

I mentioned earlier that it was chilly today, well getting the boat back to the resort after the sun had set was another level cold. Like, ridiculous! We were pleased to get snuggled into bed that night!




By this point of the holiday, I was beginning to think I have a problem with the Olivia’s Bread Pudding and Rum Syrup, I was having it for breakfast, everyday. Writing this now I actually miss it, what is wrong with me?! After breakfast it was off to Animal Kingdom again for one last time, boooooo! And as if the bread pudding wasn’t enough, we bought a colossal cinnamon roll once in the park because why not?! So yummy!

We bumped into Timon (of Lion King fame), and Flik, who Lyla loved until he pretended to chase her, and then she lost her shit!

Back into Pandora, and it was just as amazing again. There was a percussive band entertaining the crowds and creating an amazing atmosphere. It really built us up for our Na’vi River Journey fast pass, which again did not disappoint. The luminescence and animatronics were out of this world, it was mesmerising. A trip to Pandora wouldn’t be complete without another Night Blossom drink (see Part 1). We also tried the new quick service, Sa’tuli Canteen which was so good. Healthy, vegan food! Healthy. Food. Sorry, whats that again? If only we were actually hungry, all these snacks are starting to have an effect!

A date with Mickey and Minnie followed, with some of the best photo pass photos of the holiday! And then it was Expedition Everest time, one of my ultimate favourite Disney rides. I could ride this over and over!

We then went in hunt of another instagram wall, the Fichwa! fellow. Photos taken and the girls woke just in time for lollies and the Harambe acrobats – I just do not understand the skills these guys have.

As we left the park (bye bye AK :-(), we met Brer Fox! I love the unexpected character meets that you come across, its nice to have experiences that aren’t planned to the exact minute every now and again!

We arrived at the Polynesian resort to check-in for our dinner show, the Spirit of Aloha. Lei’s donned, cocktails in hand, and the sun starting to go down was just perfection. The Spirit of Aloha is a show incorporating the traditional dance styles of lots of islands, with the standard all-you-can-eat food & drink! Another favourite of ours, Lyla was transfixed, Daisy wasn’t fussed and just slept after she’d had her fill!

Watching the fireworks waiting for our bus was a lovely end to the evening.

Part 4 (the final part) coming soon!

Sian x



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