My No-Spend Year // Month 1 Update

My No-Spend Year // Month 1 Update

Income saved: 10% 

Amount earned through selling possessions: £165.37

Belief in myself to complete this project: 65% 

So it turns out you guys like this idea! My first post outlining my plans, to spend less and live more, was one of my most visited posts EVER, so thank you! I had an unbelievably positive reaction to the post, which gave me so much encouragement and belief in myself to complete this project.

I have now completed the first month and am raring to go with the second. Now that I have got to grips with with what I know I will need and what I know I don’t need, I thought I would share in a bit more detail how this works.

Upon setting out on this no-spend year, I drew up 2 lists. One of the lists is items I know we will need (or have already set our hearts on) over the coming year, and one list of day-to-day things that we will still need to buy and are allowed to spend money on. These lists have taken a bit of tweaking, not just with adding a couple of approved items, but also taking away things that, actually, just aren’t needed. It is because of these reasons that I didn’t share the lists on my original post, as I knew they would take some work to get right. I figured that now, if I think of something I want to add to the approved list, it has been a month without me thinking of it, so do I really need it? Probably not. Therefore, it can wait.

Approved Purchases

  • Redo of Lyla’s bedroom
  • A couple of accessories for downstairs loo makeover (BOUGHT)
  • Paint for kitchen
  • Plants for garden
  • Country2Country tickets and hotel
  • NFL tickets (BOUGHT)
  • Marathon entries for Callum
  • Ironing board


  • 2 x summer dresses
  • 1 x summer skirt
  • 1 x dress and shoes for weddings
  • 1 x bra
  • Pants (how exciting..)
  • Saltwater sandals
  • NFL Jersey


What we are allowed to spend money on

  • Travel and family days out
  • Replacement electronics – only if completely required
  • Replacement toiletries and make-up – only if completely empty and must buy at an equivalent (or lesser) value of original
  • Replacement household cleaning products
  • Haircuts
  • Gifts and cards for others
  • Essentials for the girls – occasional toys, books, clothes, shoes
  • Occasional meals out 


It’s as simple as that! It has already made me much more accountable of my spending and given me that extra kick up the bum to resist a take-out coffee, or lunch on the go.

Finally, I had a huge clear-out at home, and I mean huge. So far we have got rid of 4 black bin bags of rubbish, a huge load was delivered to the charity shop, and I have sold a large amount through my local Facebook selling site and on eBay. Every pound adds up and is all a contribution to our savings.

I am so proud of my progress so far, and how it is making me feel by not spending. This month was a very basic month for me in terms of wages so to have been able to save anything is an amazing start. We (when I say we, I mean Callum) spent out on one of the approved items in the first month, and then I dropped my phone which meant paying the excess on our insurance for a new one, which was unexpected and very annoying! And, of course, quite a few toiletries needed replacing which I found myself getting grumpy about! We also did a mini makeover of the downstairs loo, plus Daisy needed some new Clark’s shoes. The hardest part? We REALLY wanted fish & chips one night, but we didn’t NEED it. I made us resist and it may only have been £10 saved, but its still £10 we didn’t need to spend!

We have a family holiday this month which may prove tricky; travel and family time are things we are allowed to spend money on, but I know I will definitely be more sensible in terms of eating out and spending out on things that we could go without, I’m ready for the test…

Sian x


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