Shopping // Whats in my girls’ Christmas stockings? Aged 3 and under!

Shopping // Whats in my girls’ Christmas stockings? Aged 3 and under!

As the BIG DAY approaches and my evening present wrapping sessions ramp up, I thought I’d do a little post on what I’m, sorry Santa, is putting in my little ones stockings! If you’re stuck for ideas then hopefully this might help a little 🙂

Stockings have always been a big thing in my family, we would wake up to them at the bottom of our beds and then jump onto our parents bed to open all the goodies. This would keep us excited enough to have breakfast before starting on the main presents! I can remember these Christmas mornings so clearly, and am loving instilling these traditions in the next generation of our family. This year, we haven’t gone crazy at all on their ‘big’ presents, so I’ve tried to really fill their stockings with things that I know they will love, play with, and/or be useful…


Things they’re both getting

Skip Hop Zoo snack cup – £8.99 – My girls are snackers, I have to take a selection out and about with me wherever we go, so I thought these non-spill snack cups would be great for day-to-day, but especially on holidays. They look exciting and are practical too – win win.

Bath Sponges – £1.10 – Bright, colourful bath time characters, and I know they’ll love them. One has yellow, the other has pink!

Light up bath toy – £1 from Sainsbury’s – I can’t find these online, but anything along these lines is a great stocking filler.


Lyla – nearly 3 years old

Toy Story card game – £2.50 – Lyla has just got to the age where she will sit and watch a film, and the Toy Story trilogy are some of her favourites (yay!). They do these cards in a variety of other themes too if Toy Story doesn’t float your boat!

Cat Headband – £1.99 from H&M – A headband, with cat ears, what more do I need to say?!

Trolls socks – £4 – This link isn’t to the exact ones I bought as it was a couple of months ago, but these are pretty similar! What little girl doesn’t love Trolls?

Disney Princess sticker book – £1.79

Finding Dory notebook – I found exactly the same one as this in Card Factory for about £2!

Monkey Puzzle book – £4.89 or 3 for £10 – Just another Julia Donaldson book to add to the collection!

Chocolate snowmen – £1.25 – Because this wouldn’t be a stocking without chocolate in it!


Daisy – nearly 1 year old

Wooden wiggly worm toy – £7.89 for 2 – As much as our house looks like Toys ‘r’ Us with bright plastic and flashing light toys, we also love a wooden toy, and these look super cute!

Rainboshaker Musical Instrument – £3.99 – We have a large version of this but these looked like an ideal size for little hands. The only downside? You can’t pick the colour, but I don’t think Daisy has a preference so it really doesn’t matter!

That’s not my unicorn book – £3.49 – We love these books, and with so many to choose from I thought I’d just continue the unicorn theme (because everybody loves a unicorn).

Tobar Rainbow Orbit Ball – £2.99 – I bought this from a local independent shop for less than it shows on this link so its worth shopping around locally! Just another little colourful toy for her to play with.

Oi Frog! book – £5.24 or 3 for £10 – She is definitely too young for this, but we read to the girls every day and after reading this with a friends little boy, it’s a great entertaining book that hopefully she’ll grow up loving!

So there we have it, my guide to kids stocking fillers!

One more quick tip if you have multiple children, wrap their stocking fillers in the same paper as their main presents (a different one for each child, obvs) to make it easier for them to differentiate, and it means you don’t need to tag/label all of the presents then too!

Merry Christmas!

Sian x


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