Travel // Our Family Trip To The West Of England

Travel // Our Family Trip To The West Of England

Now, I just need to start this with a disclaimer – I am not a photographer! This blog will never be famous (ha) for its amazing photos, but I am definitely paying more attention to the photos I take, and concentrating on quality over quantity. So I thought, what better way to show the photos of the memories we make, than by using my blog as a little platform for that.

Last week we actually had a whole week off together, we started the week getting bits done to the house that needed doing, and getting on top of general ‘housekeeping’. Then at the back end of the week we took some time off as a family and spent a few days visiting the West of England – the Cotswolds, Bath, and then finished off with a couple of days with some of our best friends in Bristol. It was so lovely and went far too quickly, plus these breaks are never restful with the kids in tow!

To break up the journey to Bath, we stopped off in the beautiful Bourton-on-the-Water, a typical idyllic ‘chocolate box’ English village in the Cotswolds. I can’t believe that I have never visited this part of the world before, we drove through some other gorgeous little towns on the way and it is definitely on our list for a longer trip in the future. We spent the day wandering around, watching the ducks, eating ice-cream and just having some quality time together – perfect.


After our little day out in the Cotswolds, we made tracks and headed to our next stop – Bath! Somewhere else that has always been on my list but we have never visited. We stayed in the Premier Inn in the city centre, not the poshest choice, but when you’ve got kids there’s no point going all luxury when its just for one night! Anyway, it was the best Premier Inn we have stayed in (the breakfast was insanely good), and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Bath. We loved Bath, the city has such a relaxed feel about it, we walked for miles visiting the Abbey, Royal Crescent, Royal Victoria Park (the play area here was amazing, Lyla played for hours), and of course we did some shopping! We didn’t need to use the car at all, but boy did our feet ache at the end of the day. We will definitely return, but probably just as a couple for a bit of a spa break (I’m dying to try the Thermae Bath Spa). There wasn’t a lot for children to ‘do’, luckily ours are quite happy just being out and about in the fresh air, but if our break had been any longer then they may have started to get a little bored here.


Finally, we headed to Bristol for 2 nights to stay with one of our best friends and his lovely partner. I didn’t take many photos here (hence why one of the ones I have included is a selfie by my husband..), as we just took the time to enjoy seeing our friends and entertaining the girls, oh and eating more ice-cream. We went to an amazing science museum called ‘We The Curious‘ (previously called @Bristol), it was brilliant fun with so much to do for all ages, we spent hours there playing with all the exhibits, and learning a lot along the way! A must-do for anyone visiting Bristol. We finished off at the ‘M’ Shed to take some nice group photos, as you do! It is such a great city and we always enjoy coming here, I can’t wait for our next trip.


All the love,

Sian xx


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