Parenting // 8 Months Of You

Parenting // 8 Months Of You

Daisy Emma. 8 months. 34 weeks. 2/3 of a year. 8 months of your beautiful chubby hands, of the most kissable cheeks, of your perfect little feet. 8 months of you. I can’t believe you have been in our lives for all of this time. It really is like ‘they’ say, we could never imagine life without you. We had a pretty easy start, a little bit of a bumpy middle, but the last few months have just been so enjoyable with you. Nobody has ever had to work hard for a smile with you, but you are definitely becoming more cautious around unfamiliar people, a trait that your sister has shown from the beginning. But to me, it isn’t a bad thing, I want you to be wary of the world, I want you to be comfortable with the people we are closest to, and I want you to save your smiles for the times when they are needed most.


The best bit about the past couple of months is watching your relationship with Lyla go from strength to strength. You really do idolise her. Although it makes it a bit difficult for me to tell her off for being silly when you are laughing your head off at her! It’s in times like those that I remind myself that you are both still so little, and those moments will shape your sisterhood as you grow, so I let it pass, and I sit back and smile. And watch. I truly believe you are going to be the best of friends as you grow up together. I will do everything I can to make sure that life is fair, that you are rewarded together, make memories together, and trust and confide in each other as sisters should. I feel like the luckiest mummy in the world to have had my two beautiful girls.


Just like your sister, you are so laid back when it comes to moving. You are more than happy sitting with your toys around you and watching people come and go, you have made no effort to move from your spot, and I am not complaining! I am in no rush to see you crawl or cruise, but will obviously be so proud when you do. Speaking of milestones, the past 3 days have seen the appearance of your first tooth, in all its razor-sharp glory! Apart from a little bit of extra dribble, it hasn’t phased you one bit, and it was only in one of your ‘throwing-your-head-back-laughing-so-much’ moments that I spotted the little shiny white line on your gum where it had popped through. There are definitely more to follow quite quickly I suspect, as you have been a little bit more tearful today and we are getting through a lot of dribble bibs!


The last two months have mainly seen you go from a milk dependent baby to a fully weaned infant (you still love your bottles too)! I would go into what you like and don’t like to eat, but I haven’t yet come across anything to put on the ‘doesn’t like’ list! You will literally eat anything that is put in front of you, and enjoy it at that. We quickly skipped the puree stage and out of pure convenience just gave you what we were eating, and you much preferred it that way. It will always be a longstanding joke that Lyla’s first taste was most likely organic butternut squash, yet yours was Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream! I’m sorry my darling second child.


As I sit here just thinking about everything about you, I really could write pages and pages. But I can’t, so to summarise – you sleep through the night (thank you), you are in 9-12 month clothes (you are SUCH a chunk), your hair is growing so fast, your eyes are just starting to change colour slightly, you love to stand on my knees on your big strong legs, you blow kisses, when you’re not blowing kisses you are blowing raspberries, you adore your sister, you adore us, you adore the dog, and your laughter will never ever fail to make me smile. You are amazing, truly.


I can’t quite get my head around the fact that the next time I write one of these will probably be for your 1st birthday. Time really does need to slow down, please. But until then, we have lots of exciting things to enjoy and we can’t wait to share them with you.

So much love,

Mummy xx


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