Lifestyle // A Day At Wistow Maze

Lifestyle // A Day At Wistow Maze

So, as I am writing this I realise it may not be of much help to most, as we visited at the end of the season and the maze will soon be closing for this season. However, this is an annual thing and I really do recommend a visit next year.

We had a lovely afternoon, the kids loved wandering around the maize maze, and the adults enjoyed the fact that we managed to pick a gorgeous day weather wise!

Each year the maze has a theme, this year was Sherlock Holmes, and there are questions to answer, clues to collect and lots of fun to be had on the way round. Plus there’s a huge area when you finish (or before you start) with games for the children and picnic benches if you fancy making a full day of it. It is definitely something we will do next year, I have a feeling I might start taking it a bit too seriously next year though as Lyla gets older…

Here are a few photos I took on the day!


…and a failed selfie – this was so close to being a good photo haha!


Find out more about the maze here. I also vlogged the day, check out the video on my YouTube channel!

See you at the same time next year!



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