Parenting // 0-3 Month Essentials

Parenting // 0-3 Month Essentials

Can somebody please tell me how I have a 3 month old?! They say time flies but blimey, time is really, well, flying! I have called this post ‘essentials’, but really the only essentials you need for a newborn are nappies, clothes, somewhere for them to sleep, and milk of some variety. Therefore, these are all just added extras which we have found useful or enjoyable first, second, or both times round; things that have made life just that little bit easier for these first 3 months…

Sleepyhead Deluxe

Lots of people had said to us when we were expecting Daisy that these are ‘lifesavers’, so after much deliberation we went for it, and boy am I glad we did! We have used it since day 1 so don’t have any point of comparison, but she loves it and settles so amazingly in it. It has helped us transition her into her cot (I know, call the mummy police, it’s a lot earlier than six months), we can take it on holiday with us, and is now a sleep trigger to her so win win win!


Buy here –

Angelcare Monitor 

This is something that technically isn’t necessary immediately, but I have used it since the beginning with both of my girls, as I am a paranoid nurse mother, so the sensor pad gave me great comfort and helped me sleep a lot better! Now she is in her own room, it is obviously even more useful! I love our Angelcare monitor and would recommend it in a heartbeat (in fact, I do recommend it to everyone I know having a baby, I should get commission from Angelcare really!). We tried a different monitor before this and really didn’t get on with it, I wish I had had this one right from the beginning!


Buy here –


These are just so handy to have in the house as somewhere to put baby down when they’re asleep or if you just need 2 minutes to do something. Lyla spent most of her time in it, but Daisy isn’t as much of a fan so it just shows that all babies are different! We just bought a simple one from Mamas & Papas but obviously the more you spend, the fancier they get!


Here is a similar one –

Angelcare Bath Seat

This actually has been as essential in our house, I can’t sing its praises enough. There are lots of bath seats on the market but this one is great for newborns as it is reclined, it is super comfortable (or so I’m guessing as both my girls have been very happy in it), is really simple in design and easily cleanable. I will be sad to stop using it once Daisy gets to the stage of not needing it!


Buy here –

White Noise

I wasn’t sure whether to include this as it isn’t something that we have come to rely on with either of the girls, but I know lots of people that do so I thought I’d put it in anyway. We bought good old ‘Ewan the Dream Sheep’ (a cuddly sheep which glows and makes a variety of noises aimed at soothing babies into a lovely slumber) in the middle of the night when Lyla was about 3 weeks old and sleep deprivation had well and truly set in! We were told it would work miracles, it didn’t. But it did help, just not to the extent we were hoping!! We used it with Daisy as soon as we brought her home but, to be honest, I don’t think it made much difference with her either but we used to put it on to soothe her anyway. Some babies love white noise so for them it would be great, for us he now just looks cute sitting in the cot, but I suppose you don’t know unless you try!


Buy Ewan here –

Tula Baby Carrier

We didn’t have this until Lyla was about 18 months old and, to be honest, I don’t know how I managed without it (I tried a couple of other carriers but didn’t love them)! Second time round it has been a godsend as it gives me my hands free to help Lyla or do bits around the house, especially as Daisy is a baby that likes to be held! They both fit in it, Daisy uses a newborn insert currently, so we take it everywhere as either one of them can go in it if necessary. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from too! Another essential in my eyes!


Shop the range here –

PacaPod Changing Bag

First time round I had a gorgeous Cath Kidston changing bag which I loved, but once I found out I was expecting Daisy, I fast realised I needed something bigger and much more practical to carry around everything I needed for two children. The PacaPod bags have loads of different compartments, plus two ‘pods’ – one for changing and one for feeding. I love anything that plays to my organisational side so when I saw this I knew it was perfect for me, and I haven’t been disappointed!


Buy here –


There isn’t much that needs to be said about these squares of loveliness – great for mopping up baby sick, covering up when feeding if need be, or just as a comforter for the baby (I say baby, my eldest carries one with her everywhere and has to have them for sleeping). They really are an essential, stock up on them as I promise you will need them! The nicest ones I found were these from John Lewis, they are so much softer than any others we tried.


Buy here –

Medela Swing Breast Pump

For anyone who plans on breast feeding, this pump is just brilliant. We always planned on me expressing and giving baby some milk via a bottle from the early days and this pump has allowed us to do that. I am able to get three times as much milk with this pump compared to others I have tried! It is a pricey purchase but is so worth it as it saves so much time and makes life easier, which is all you want with a newborn really!


Buy here –

Playmat and Toys

As baby gets to about the 6-week mark and is starting to be awake a bit more, playmats are great for stimulating them and helping them to learn and grow. Lyla and Daisy have both LOVED our Baby Einstein one, the colours, lights, sounds and activities have kept them entertained for hours! Other favourite toys of ours for this age group are the Lamaze ones (we have quite the selection and they make great gifts too), linking rings, and sensory books. Nappy bag essentials!


Playmat –

Lamaze toys (my favourites) –

Sensory book –

Rings –

Car Mirror

This may seem like a strange addition, but is something you may not think about until you realise you need it! With baby’s facing backwards in cars, these mirrors allow you to check on your baby safely whilst you are driving. We have this Munchkin one which is brilliant!


Buy here –

Milestone Cards

I am a sentimental sod so when we were given these with Lyla I immiediately loved the idea and loved taking the photos as she hit each milestone. I bought them again for Daisy and can’t wait to put all the photos together of each of them at each stage!


Buy here –

Travel System & Isofix

This is the final thing on my list, but is probably the first thing people buy when they find out they are having a baby! Ideally, buy a travel system, that way everything (car seat, carrycot and child seat) is interchangeable and allows for more options. We have an iCandy Peach which I love! Though I do have to have a box with the millions of different adaptors in the boot of my car, you need an engineering degree for some of these systems! Another downside is they can also be quite heavy and aren’t great for travelling long distances (i.e. holidays) so we do have a fold flat stroller too (a Babyjogger City Mini which I love too and really would recommend!). Also, if your budget allows, buy the isofix base for your car! We have the Maxi Cosi Family Fix which fits the first stage baby car seat and then the toddler seat too, and just makes life SO much easier not having to use the seatbelt each time!


iCandy Peach 3 –

Isofix Base – (with maxi-cosi Pebble car seat –

BabyJogger City Mini –


Writing it all down like that makes you realise why they say having a child costs so much money! But like I said, these are just extras which we have found useful through experience, and I hope will be of some use to anyone out there expecting a little bubba!

All the love and good luck!

Sian x



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