Parenting // Life as we know it…

Parenting // Life as we know it…


All has been a bit quiet on the western front recently, that’s because life has just kind of, run away with us. Our days all roll into one consisting of play dates, lunches, walks into town, healthcare appointments, running errands, housework and seeing family. I genuinely don’t know where the time is going! So here’s a little update on the Family Knapp and what we’ve been up to; one of my best friends suggested a name for the blog way back when, but I might just use it for these updates – KnappChat (like snapchat, do you get it?!). Anyway…

~ Daisy ~

Daisy turns 7 weeks old today (well, yesterday now). 7 weeks. It only feels like yesterday that I was clinging onto that feeling of having a fresh, newborn baby and never wanting to let go (luckily my immediate urge to have a 3rd child is dissipating…). Even though second time around I have made sure I take every moment in and don’t wish the time away, it still astounds me how fast time goes. How much she changes day by day. And how scary parenting can really be.

There really is nothing better than cooing “Good Morning beautiful” in that funny high-pitched mum voice you find yourself doing, and getting big smiles in return. Heart-melting. She is starting to be awake a lot more now, piling on the pounds, interacting with us, looking at toys, holding onto toys, watching her big sister, getting big sloppy/snotty kisses from said sister, and spoiling us frequently with what we like to call ‘shituations’. Oh the joys of parenthood! It can become a little frustrating being asked “is she a good baby?”. I’d say pretty much every day I am asked this question. But do you know what? I take huge pride in replying “she really is”. I don’t remember Lyla being a difficult baby (apart from the reflux, I will never get those hours back of sitting upright in the night to try and relieve her symptoms), or whether I’m just a lot more relaxed this time (which I really am), but she makes life a lot easier by being a happy, content, easy baby most of the time. A bit more sleep wouldn’t go amiss but I can deal with that! We have had a couple of bumps in the road with breast feeding but that’s a whole different blog post for another day. She feeds, she sleeps, she plays and she will be put down happily, awake or asleep! Hallelujah. 

The fact that this was different this one Sunday (March 5th to be exact) told me that something wasn’t right and we had our first major scare as parents. As soon as she was not in our arms she would act as if she was in pain, become irritable and generally be unhappy with life. She had vomited the night before but nothing that worried me hugely considering she’d been full of cold, so we carried on with that day as normal. She started to not want to feed over the course of the day but I persevered. Callum bathed her that night with Lyla as normal whilst I sorted out outfits for the girls for the following day and had a quick shower myself, and then he brought her through to me. That’s when my maternal instinct went into overdrive and I just knew something was wrong. She was pale, she was mottled, she had a rash over her body, and she continued to not want to feed, she just looked horrendous. To cut a long story short – I immediately took her to A&E and they triaged her straight away. You know that look that people aren’t very good at hiding? The ‘I’m quite worried but I can deal with this’ look? I experienced that for a good few hours that night. Before I knew it they were trying to get lines into her tiny body (which was deteriorating very quickly) and the night turned into fluid boluses, antibiotics, blood tests, lumbar punctures, and a blur of information. 6 days later we were leaving hospital with a pink, much happier, baby who was starting to get her feeding back on track (after having to be tube fed for the duration of our stay), a mummy who was going slightly delirious from sleep deprivation, and with a diagnosis of viral meningitis caused by a bug called enterovirus. In retrospect, I realise that people go through A LOT worse, I see it every day in my job after all. But when you, as a parent, are experiencing it, it is awful. I was an emotional wreck and felt actual heartache for my poor baby girl. But she did us proud and is doing amazingly now, as if it never happened. Which from now on, I’m going to pretend it didn’t. 


My poorly little poppet

So now as much as I really don’t want to wish the time away, and would be very happy with her staying a 7-week old baby forever, we are very excited for the next few weeks and months to see the little person she develops into, hopefully it will be plain sailing from here out… 

~ Lyla ~

What can I say about Lyla? She is changing before our very eyes every day. Since her little sister came along she seems to have developed at a crazy speed. At first I thought she just looked big in comparison to the tiny baby I now had in my arms but no, she had a major growth spurt resulting in a complete wardrobe overhaul! She has also moved into a bed with no trouble at all! I always said we would wait until she tried to climb out of her cot until making this transition, which two weeks after Daisy arrived she decided to try and do…

I’ve also gone from talking to the health visitor and nursery about being worried about her speech, to being able to understand pretty much everything she is trying to tell me and being gobsmacked daily at the speed she is picking up words! It is amazing. So to the friends who told me not to worry and that ‘one day’ she’ll just click – thank you, you were right. Though in a few months time when she is fully talking, I will really miss her little Lyla language that she is so well known for!

One of the major things that is fascinating to watch is how her relationships with her friends and cousins is developing, watching them play for hours, running around the park, talking to each other, laughing, using their imaginations – it’s just incredible to watch and we are very lucky to have a group of friends and family that allow her to develop on this social side! She really is a little superstar and, touch wood, the toddler tantrums seem to be on hold (although I know it is only a matter of time…).

~ And us? ~

We have welcomed family and friends into our home, smiled at the happiness Daisy and Lyla bring, ‘gone grey’ from the worry of recent events, ran a half marathon (Callum, not me, obvs), celebrated lots of birthdays of the little ones, and said goodbye to another family member taken from this world. Quite a rollercoaster I’d say. We continue to discuss finances daily, whether it be whether to go for the slightly more premium tins of soup, to how much I can drop my hours by on my return to work, what our plan is with cars, or in planning another family holiday to Flo-rida (eek). Oh, and we go to bed ridiculously early in order to grab any second of sleep possible, so that the sleep thieves themselves don’t steal every last bit of our sanity! 

This may all sound pretty boring to you, but we certainly have lots to smile about and to look forward to…

All the love,

Sian x


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