Lifestyle // Seeing life and Sea Life

Lifestyle // Seeing life and Sea Life

We are fast approaching the day our little one will make an entrance to the world (not sure if I’ve mentioned that recently?!) and all I can think about is that it best be soon anyway, I’m seriously fed up now. I also know how lucky we are to be expecting in the first place so believe you me I feel so guilty for even feeling this way..

Anyway…because of the baby brain caused by this imminent arrival, an excuse I am going to use until the children are at least 5yrs old, I am struggling to think of ‘topics’ for the blog. I am loving vlogging as I find that a lot easier than I anticipated but this all started as a blog which I want to maintain.
And then I realised that I don’t need topics. I started this as somewhere to write my feelings down, for people to follow our life, and to join the amazing online parenting community, to make friends with other mummies and to support others. Whether that gains me followers, subscribers etc doesn’t really matter (though I love the idea of being a support and a friend to other mums and dads), it’s all about the memories for me and our family! So I’m going to try not to worry too much about themes for my posts and just spill my feelings out on ‘paper’ which is all I really need. If that interests you  and eventually leads us into the world of ‘mum blogs’ then great!

These last few weeks have been really hard for me, I feel like I’ve really slipped as a mum to Lyla. I’m either shattered or in too much pain to do the things she deserves. There’s toys all over the floor which I would usually have tidied, I can’t remember the last time I did a proper meal plan and I worry so much about her diet (she bloody loves carrots though so at least I’ve got that to fall back on), I want to go crazy in soft play hell with her but can’t (though I took great pleasure in watching 6ft 3in Callum get stuck in one today) and I just generally don’t have the energy to meet her every need.

Then days like today happened, where I get my bum up off the sofa and make an effort, no matter how much discomfort it causes. Today we have had a proper day out as a family and it has brought back to me why we do everything we do in life, why we work so hard for our family, and why days like these will just get even more amazing once there are 4 of us (and once I can walk normally again). We went to the sea life centre and Lyla LOVED it, although the 4d cinema was a no-go as she wouldn’t let daddy wear the glasses! It was something for her, which after the last few weeks she deserved more than anything. And to see the smile and fascination on her face was amazing. [Though, seriously how much mess can one child create? And that’s going to be doubled?! I already feel like we had to empty the house back out of the car when we get home, it’s so cliche but my god!!!!]

And yes there was a mini-meltdown of which we have NO idea what the root cause was, and yes there was some bickering between me and Callum as he blamed the sat nav for his mistakes (it wasnt the sat navs fault…), but by me doing these blogs and vlogs we will always have these memories. And I cant wait to share them with the girls in the future, and with you, the big wide world, as they happen in the here and now.

Even if they are just random nonsense about our day to day life…

Sian and Lyla xxx




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