Lifestyle // 10 Things I’m Loving This Month

Lifestyle // 10 Things I’m Loving This Month

Back in December (remember then? Like, waaaaay before Christmas?) I promised a monthly ‘list’ of what I was spending our hard-earned money on, that would make any recommendations of things that I thought worthwhile for families (and mummies/daddies too, just because)…Well, Christmas happened and this month has been a tight one (as I’m sure it is for most), so I have changed it slightly to 10 things I am ‘loving’. Some I have bought this month, some were gifts, and some existed in this house already and I have just realised how much they benefit us so have included them!

1. PacaPod Changing Bag

I did already have a beautiful changing bag (a Cath Kidston one at that) but I fast discovered as Lyla grew up that it was just not going to be big enough for the bits and bobs you need for two small humans. So I invested my Christmas money in a PacaPod and I am LOVING IT. It gives me space and organisation, plus it’s beautiful. I really would recommend it to any new mummy. I got mine from John Lewis for £85.


2. Earth Friendly Baby Products

We have used these products from the Lansinoh range since Day 1 with Lyla and I would never use anything else, her skin is so soft (this might just be down to her skin type but I do believe we have avoided any skin problems because of these products..) and they smell gorgeous too. I have only tried the calming lavender ones but there are other ‘flavours’ too! We have the bubble bath, shampoo and body wash, and the body lotion. It isn’t the cheapest but lasts for ages (Lyla is 2 and we are only on the 3rd bottle of the bodywash) so they are well worth it. You can get them from most supermarkets, Boots etc and they start at about £4.


3. Bed Head by Tigi

I have been meaning to invest in some ‘decent’ hair shampoo and conditioner for ages! After receiving some as a Christmas gift I will never go back, I am hooked, my hair feels amazing and I can definitely tell the difference. It’s definitely time to look after mummy too! And anyway, Callum balances out the cost with the Aldi ‘family shampoo’ he buys (no, really)…I have found the one I use on Amazon, which is most probably where I will buy it from when I need to restock, for £14 for the pair.


4. Joules bedding

Ever since we moved into our new house almost 3 years ago we have had one set of bedding (also Joules) that I wash, dry and iron in a day. I know, crazy. So I finally got round to ordering some more in the post-Christmas sales and I LOVE it. The quality is amazing (obviously, as the last lot is still going after 3 years!) but it does make getting out of bed very difficult…Hurry hurry, it is still available in the sale now!


5. NEXT sales (plus all the other Christmas sales..)

Anyone that knows me will know that I love love love Next children’s clothes. And having a money saving expert for a husband means he lets me loose on these sales as he knows they are bargain-tastic. I always do a complete (well ok, maybe not complete but still…) stock up in the next size up/season, and now I can’t wait for her to fit into them all! My top pick was some fringe suede boots for Lyla which I am extremely jealous off, seriously.



6. Wooden toys

I have mentioned previously that we could hold shares in all the major toy companies, but recently Lyla just seems to be drawn to toys of the wooden variety. ‘Our’ favourites are a chopping fruit and board set from John Lewis for £16, a Betty push/pull along chicken that was a gift, stacking ring counter also from John Lewis for £15, and a Melissa & Doug latch board for £16.99- she just loves them all.

7. Spa Breaks/Getaways

After months of hinting (and struggling to find a date), hubby took us on a little spa break in the New Year (watch the vlog here) and it was amazing. We relaxed, read books, ate and talked (yes 90% of the talking was about Lyla and the baby but..). It is so important to have time away from ‘normal’ family life, and hopefully we can repeat it soon (if my expressing/feeding plan works out, that is). For now, we have lots of family trips and holidays planned and I am just as excited! We went to Champneys Springs due to the deal we could get but take your pick!

8. EzPz Mats

I have briefly mentioned these before on my Facebook page but I seriously can’t get enough. We bought them in the US a year ago now (they are now available in the UK though) and we all love them. I even take them away with us. They dishwash, catch spills/mess, help with portion control and also have helped Lyla with the control of her utensils due to the curved lip on each section. Plus they stick to the table and are such good quality. The list goes on, well worth it, trust me! They are £25 each but will last forever.


9. ‘Baby Crap’ bag

As amazing as the PacaPod is, it’s no Mary Poppins bag! And we all know, leaving the house with a child requires taking half of its contents with you too. Scrolling through Instagram the other day, I saw this advertised on Notonthehighstreet by Lola & Gilbert, and just couldn’t resist. It fits in toys, lunchboxes, snacks, clothes etc. And it’s pretty comical (and true) too! Still 25% off in the sale for £12.75, bargain!


10. Blogging and Vlogging

Last but by no means least, this! This new venture I have taken on, that you are currently reading (THANK YOU). I am loving it. I may not have 1000’s of followers and subscribers just yet, but the memories it is creating for me and my family are invaluable. And the release it is giving to me, something for me to do that isn’t being mummy (even if the blog/vlogs do revolve around that) is exactly what I needed. So, thank you.


I have a feeling next month’s ’10 things’ list will be extremely baby focused…

Much love, Sian xxx

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