Pregnancy // To nest or to rest?

So this morning I received my weekly pregnancy update email (37 weeks, wahoo) from BabyCentre (other apps are available…), and the first point it made was to make sure you get some rest – “you’ll appreciate it after the birth” it said. OK, thanks for that…

It is 9am as I am writing this; the child has been dropped at nursery, the second wash of the day is on, all of the beds have been changed (including the dogs), I’ve tidied, emptied the dishwasher and have just sat down to grab some breakfast and write some of this here blog (multi-tasking at it’s finest). The list for the rest of the day consists of wrapping presents, sorting party decorations, ironing, food shopping and getting started on my next vlog. Funny, I don’t see the word ‘rest’ on that list. Oh and if I remember to eat lunch and wash at some point in there, that will be a bonus…*

I know, I know – I really should listen to the advice, and my pregnancy waddle tells me the same (you know the one, like a penguin with two broken legs? Yep, that’s the one) but that is just not possible. Don’t get me wrong, I do make the most of Lyla’s afternoon naps to put my feet up every now and again but instantly regret it. And then I get to these ‘child-free’ days and go into a mad panic to get everything done.

Then, just to add insult to injury, people will say “get Callum to help” – which he does. In fact, he is amazing and does so much but unfortunately for both of us he is not superhuman. He can’t all of a sudden do everything that we usually do as a team, on his own, in addition to going out and earning the money that I keep spending (oops).

I know I probably sound like such a cliché “How am I supposed to rest?! Pah!”, but really, how? Being an adult is crap sometimes. And then we have to parent on top of that!

And I know these generic emails, friends, family and Joe Public mean well saying it, and my body is telling, no, begging, me to listen to them but it’s just not in our nature to sit and do nothing when things need to be done (don’t even get me started on ‘nesting’).

So sorry to my little baby in there if you are desperate for me to sit down for a bit and stop rocking you around, but your sister has left toys on the floor that need picking up, and I need to sort dinner for daddy for when he gets home (it’s the least I can do). But believe me, we will have lots of rest and cuddles when you arrive, just you and me, I promise.

Though I can’t promise it’ll be in the peace and quiet…


*Update – I did actually manage a bath, but lunch was a bowl of cheerios. You win some, you lose some.


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