Parenting // A list of 10 things that are not unreasonable in the slightest…by Lyla, aged 23 months

Mummy says that all of these things have happened in one day, I’m not sure I believe her though as I’m an angel really…

1. Wanting to carry 3 muslins at a time, plus Mr. Snuggles, bunny and dog (original names, I know), without letting mummy help. And then getting annoyed when I don’t have enough hands to hold onto mummy too.

2. Eating 3 packets of bear paws in one day (they’re my favourite).

3. Wanting to drink out of an open cup/mummy’s glass/daddy’s glass, then spotting one of the 10 other cups in the cupboard and wanting that one too. But don’t you dare take the original one away…

4. Not wanting to wear socks. Or tights. At any point of the day. Even when it’s 2 degrees outside.

5. Not wanting any of the beautiful accessories in my hair that mummy bought. Then spending the day brushing hair out of my face/eyes. Mummy keeps trying to just tie it all back too but I don’t know what she thinks she’s doing.

6. Having a tantrum at a pedestrian crossing, because waiting is just for wimps and I’d much rather play chicken instead.

7. Wanting to ‘brush’ my teeth myself. Apparently they need to help so it’s done properly?

8. Wanting to play on mummy’s phone unsupervised, it has to be unlocked though.

9. Not understanding why this bag –


won’t hang on this pram handle –


…Mummy even put a pram clip on there to hang it on but that was a stupid idea because I didn’t want it there.

10. Not wanting to sit down to eat my meal, but no-one else can eat it, or throw it away, I do actually want it. I just like to eat in a leisurely fashion that’s all. Oh and make sure you have a second helping of vegetables ready as I am a strange toddler and sometimes that’s all I’ll eat…

See, none of those things are unreasonable are they? I think I’m a joy to be around really (I am, mummy even said so).

Lots of love

Lyla, aka Little Miss Independent xx



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