Pregnancy // Belief In The Bump

Isn’t it funny how being pregnant can give you more confidence than when in your ‘normal’ skin? It must be the fact that you know people can see that you’re carrying a baby and therefore there’s a reason for the ginormous belly, and the waddle, and the dark circles around the eyes (I unfortunately fail to get ‘the glow’). Not that people judge you anyway, well they might, but I always feel very self-aware at any other time apart from when ‘with child’.

I am one of those people that yo-yo’s with my weight normally, within about a 9lb window. I detox and diet regularly, I also regularly eat my way through a bar of chocolate a day (and I’m not talking a snack size mars bar). And I gain weight when pregnant, fact. People will say I’m ‘all bump’ which it may look like and is lovely of everyone to say, but unless this baby is coming out weighing 2 stone (and counting), I know that is not the case!

We have just had a little overnight break to a spa (our first time alone overnight without Lyla). And it was amazing for many reasons. A spa is a place to relax and unwind, and I certainly did that, but I also got out of it a whole new outlook on my pregnancy body, and admiration for myself for what my body is going through. I was so nervous about getting into a swimsuit, but as soon as I did, the realisation and pride of how amazing a woman’s body is hit me immediately. I mean, I even took a picture and put it on Instagram, which I would NEVER (and will never) do normally.


Here is THE photo…



So do you know what? What’s a few extra pounds? What’s a bit of cellulite? I’m growing a flipping human!! And in a few short weeks I will birth that human. So who gives a toss what other people think, and what the body I’m left with after is like? For what it’s done and what it’s gone through, I will embrace it and love it forever.





  1. January 6, 2017 / 11:11 am

    Absolutely gorgeous …….. xxxxxx

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