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Who the f**k queues around the block at 4am on Boxing Day for the Christmas sales? Like, really?! Is everyone not too full from eating far too many pigs in blankets, or too tired from the sheer overwhelming exhaustion of Christmas Day? I just don’t get it. And has no one heard of the internet these days?! Anyway, I’m not being grumpy I promise. It just seems to defeat the object of Christmas, of staying at home in your pyjamas doing nothing but eating more food and ‘playing’ with your presents!

We have had a wonderful family Christmas, despite Lyla sporting a very impressive black eye in all of the photos due to a sofa incident a couple of days before… We ate, we drank, we laughed, we all watched Lyla in amazement, and we were in bed for 8:30. I know, we are SO cool. Oh and also a large proportion of our day was spent having an ongoing discussion about the flaws/confusion surrounding In the Night Garden, yes we really are that cool (wtf is with the perspective though? Why can’t anything just stay the same size in relation to everything else? And what did The Wottingers do to piss off the producers meaning they’re hardly even seen?).

Christmas really is amazing once you have children, and that’s coming from someone who absolutely loved it before. It’s crazy how little you care about yourself and the gifts you receive when there is a little one/little ones to think about. Plus, I think the hubby has had more fun playing with her toys than she has…I should have bought him a bloody aquadoodle!

Her main present from us was a pram and baby, having been told by nursery how obsessed she is with babies and looking after them (which can only be a good thing with what is going to happen in the coming weeks..). She LOVES her ‘baybeee’, taking her everywhere (we managed half a Christmas Day walk before having to push the pram ourselves, we couldn’t have looked like more stereotypical parents if we tried), but her love for it literally melts my heart. She does take looking after her a little bit too seriously though, I’ve already found her with a packet of wipes stuffing them down the baby’s trousers…


I remember speaking to a family member at work once and she told me they don’t have ANY plastic toys in their house, nothing lights up, or makes a sound. Like, how? We literally could have shares in Fisher Price/LeapFrog/VTech. Having said that, two of the toys which Lyla has spent the most amount of time playing with are wooden, it just goes to show you sometimes it isn’t the fancy things that bring the most enjoyment, something we should all maybe remember every once in a while.

I was also very spoilt, which shouldn’t have happened seeing as we set a budget for presents for each other – what is with husbands not sticking to budgets?! His excuse? This particular present which took him over budget (a spa getaway for us – HELL YES), was actually from ‘bump’, and we didn’t set a budget for her so technically he didn’t go over, hmph he got me there. I’ll get him back at the next present-buying opportunity…

I am ashamed to admit though, that come Boxing Day I am more than ready to get the house back to normal! The husband is worse, he had us tidying and sorting out at 9am this morning!! We can see most bits of carpet again, existing toys have been sorted and all new toys and presents have found their new homes already – I am so sorry to admit this, we completely let the parenting side down on this one. We have even discussed when to get rid of the tree this week…soz. I do have to put part of this down to ‘nesting’ though, I am desperate to hire a Rug Doctor and get the carpets cleaned before baby arrives, and a Christmas tree (a dying one at that – we never have been green-fingered) is just a very big obstacle in my way of this!

So, with sorting still to be done (as the countdown to baby’s arrival is now down to weeks rather than months), photos to be looked through for the millionth time, food still to be eaten, and ONLINE shopping to be done, I will leave it there! We hope you have all had as lovely a time as we have, whether it was a crazy one or low-key affair!

Merry Christmas from The Knapps xxx



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  1. Hayley coles
    December 26, 2016 / 5:59 pm

    lottie loves her dolly too and has that same pram in pink! dolly is much harder to look after than lottie herself, what with the numerous clothes and nappy changes it apparently requires. someone gave me a great tip to keep the tiny newborn clothes, result! dolly has its own wardrobe, bib and hand knitted cardigans and hats too! oh and I’m glad I’m not the only ocd parent desperately wanting to clear and tidy already. boxing day sales? yeah right, there’s toys to unbox and Christmas confetti and glitter to hoover up right?! Glad to you all had a great day x x x x x

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