Lifestyle // Just a normal family day

Lifestyle // Just a normal family day

What is it with people and public toilet queueing systems? What is there to not understand? Or is it just me that is invisible to others who feel they can just walk past me? I’m not standing here for shits and giggles you know (pardon the pun). This exact thing happened to me in Waitrose today, “ooh, very posh” I hear you say – well don’t get too excited, I was only there for the loo and the cheap* Gaviscon!

*That’s if Gaviscon could ever be described as that, perhaps that should say ‘cheaper than elsewhere currently’, they totally extort people carrying another human being!

Anyway, after politely saying to the gentleman (see, I’m polite), who walked straight past me, that there was in fact a queue, I was hit with the response “I’m really quite desperate”..erm, what?! So that means you can just jump the queue? He must have not realised he was in Britain or something. My response? “I’m really quite pregnant, I win”. Yup, I played the card and it felt good! HA! Thank god he laughed. And thank god a toilet then became swiftly available otherwise it could have become a little awkward.

(Just as an aside, when can you class yourself as ‘heavily’ pregnant? Is there a strict start date in your gestation for this? I mean, I can’t see my toes or bend forward anymore so surely I qualify for that category now?!)

Back to the blog in hand anyway! That gentleman was lucky he caught me in a good mood as this was all after a lovely, leisurely family morning in our home town. We finally finished our Christmas shopping, I mean even the dogs of the family are sorted, we are officially DONE! I’d just like to point out this was intentional as it meant we could then take a trip to Pets at Home – which, if any parent doesn’t take advantage of this already, you really should, is pretty much a free zoo. You can kill at least half an hour in there with kids, I think the staff genuinely hate us. We obviously frequent it way more than we should as Lyla starting making fish sounds as we approached…


I have really struggled for present ideas this year but am actually very happy with the results. Though, Dad, if you’re reading this, you are the hardest person in the world to buy for, you nearly ended up with a ScrewFix gift card at one point so think yourself very lucky! There was a lovely brass band playing Christmas songs in the town centre (they could have chosen a more lively soundtrack though, if i’m being completely honest) which Lyla enjoyed for a whole 2 minutes before getting distracted by a pigeon…

So on we moved to Pizza Express for a spot of lunch. We love this place and it is so child friendly. Lyla didn’t know which activity to do first out of the 10 (not an exaggeration, honest) she was presented with; I chose to decorate a bauble, she went for tidying all the pencils away – oops, I really must keep my OCD tendencies in check when around her. It was a delicious meal, Lyla pointing to her plate and asking the waitress for more was a particular highlight. Plus if you’re on o2 and use your priority app it’s only £5 for a main and dessert, absolute bargain! Just to top it off, the dessert is ‘Snowball Dough Balls’, a sweet twist on the regular dough balls and O.M.G. they are incredible. There is nothing wrong with a combo of dough, cinnamon, icing sugar, chocolate sticks and vanilla cream – heaven on a plate.

We then wandered home for an afternoon of Grandparent visits, Finding Dory viewing and mastering the art of bribery/threats in parenting..”Oh, you’ve finished your dinner? OK I’ll put it in the bin then!”…”Noooo, mummy, noooo!”, muahahaha. I can’t remember the last time we had a day like this but it was lovely. Sometimes it really is the simplest things in life that make you happiest.



I only blog when she is in bed, so how she has learnt this I’ll never know!

The husband has, however, now abandoned me for his works Christmas party so I’ve finished the ironing that has been giving me evils for about a week, just to prove I could make a good housewife one day…; and I’m now catching up with this weekends’ Strictly, which I never watch live as I just cannot stand Tess Daly. You’d think some of Claudia’s talent in line delivery might have rubbed off on Tess, but no.

Anyway, an evening of gift wrapping awaits (I actually love this part so I can’t even moan about that!), so I’ll finish with a soppy note and a thanks for reading..

Sometimes the best way to appreciate something, is to be without it for a while.

Lots of love

Sian & Lyla xx



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  1. Kirsty
    December 11, 2016 / 9:50 pm

    I have been lovingly informed by hubby that ‘heavily pregnant’ begins when every move to and from sitting elicits and ‘uff’ sound…. I think I was still 20 something weeks when that began….

  2. Lucy
    December 13, 2016 / 10:33 pm

    Sounds like a yummy day, but oooh pets at home! I foolishly tried to shop there with Woody and no restraint system recently.. I spent waaay more time retrieving him from in front of the fish tanks than I did shopping! You look to have been wiser than me 😉

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