Shopping // 10 Things I’m Buying This Month

Shopping // 10 Things I’m Buying This Month

If you ask my husband what makes me happiest, he will tell you that it’s when I’m spending money. Which is true. I also worry about money a lot though, after all we aren’t exactly ‘rolling in it’, oh and I happen to be married to Martin Lewis in disguise. Because of this, though, I think carefully about where I spend money, and almost always buy on recommendation (even if this is from a stranger on Instagram, it’s still a recommendation, right?!).

So I thought I’d have a go at putting together a monthly post of what I’m buying that I recommend (in no particular order), and where you can find them, in the hope that it will be of some help to someone out there!

1. Toddler Vans

With all the hype of the Toy Story collaboration, these beauties seem to have slipped under the radar. I have a child who’s feet just don’t stop growing so I’ve gone for the next size up in the hope they might have slowed down by then…though they need to hurry up and grow now so I can put them on her! Buy them from Schuh here – £30.



2. Me and My Big Ideas – Happy Planner + Accessories

My happy planner could possibly be one of my most precious possessions (after my child and husband, obvs), and I just love all the accessories to go with it. My current favourites are these fab pockets (complete with motivational messages, just because) for all those random, but very important, bits of paper; this washi tape to decorate the pages with and these gorgeous clips. With it being a US company it’s not as easy to purchase as other planners but, trust me, it’s worth it, and just in time for getting organised in the New Year! You can buy from Amazon but I tend to get my bits from this lovely little online shop called The Homemakery. Planners start at £29.99 and accessories start at £4.99.



3. Younique Mineral Touch Foundation

There’s not much I can say about this stuff apart from it is pure MAGIC. No really. I literally don’t know what I would do without it and it should be a make-up bag essential for everyone (it’s great for those dark circles i.e. mum-bags). Most people these days know of a Younique distributor, otherwise get it direct from Younique for £30. Do it, do it now!


4. Nursery Decorations

As I get further and further into my 3rd trimester we are putting the finishing touches to the new babies room. My favourites are these Cotton Ball Lights (just £22 for a loop of 20 mix-and-match lights in the colours of your choice) which will be perfect for middle-of-the-night feeds (SO excited for this part of having a newborn…); and our gorgeous print from FreddieTheKid (between £5-£10) who I am becoming a regular customer of! I’ve tried to make this room different to Lyla’s and I think these little touches just add to its individuality, though I am a little bit bias of course!


5. Champneys Blissful Bump Butter

I get through pots of this stuff during pregnancy. It might be a complete fluke but I truly believe this has kept my bumps/boobs/bum/legs mark-free (I’m bound to find some stretch marks now I’ve said this..). I found it through another blog in my pregnancy with Lyla so now I am paying it forward to all the expectant mums out there! Plus it smells AMAZING – bonus. Buy it from Boots for £10 here.


6. Christmas Outfit

Some people go for pretty dresses/smart suits for their children on Christmas Day, but we go for comfort in the anticipation that most of the day will be spent on the floor! Last year was some cute JoJo Maman Bebe robin leggings, but this year I’ve gone for this sparkly top and tights number from Next (£13-14). I can’t wait to team it with some little denim shorts for ultimate cuteness overload.


7. Cath Kidston x Disney T-Shirt

As much as I have tried to resist this collection, today I finally gave in and ordered this beautiful T-shirt (£14) for Lyla’s birthday, oops! Considering CK is as big as it is now and Disney is, well, Disney, the prices are pretty reasonable, and I’m pretty sure the quality won’t disappoint. Shop the rest of the collection here.


8. Popsicle Christmas Lights

Ok, so this is a bit of a random one but I can’t stress how beautiful these lights are! After fighting my corner for us to get a real tree this year (I won, of course), I was desperate for some new lights and have always liked the look of these round, soft white ones, so I got them and I am in love with how they look on the tree! Plus, they’re now reduced to clear in John Lewis with two weeks still to go before Christmas!!



9. Munchkin 360 Cup

Not wanting to be a show-off mum but I am so proud of my little one and how well she drinks out of an open cup, BUT she regularly gets far too excited, forgets the cup doesn’t have a lid, or just generally forgets how her arms function… After seeing a couple of her friends with these cups I have bought her one, and now I am wondering why it took me so long?! They are so clever, and perfect for teaching toddlers to tip up a cup but without the mess that inevitably ensues. You can buy from Amazon or Munchkin direct (£5-6).


10. Santa’s Magic Key

I’ve seen these around for a few years now and now with having children of my own, and living in a new build house without a chimney (which some day I will rectify, I WILL get a wood burner, when we win the lottery), I ordered one from a little seller I found on Instagram. Unfortunately, they are now sold out for this year but keep an eye out for next year, or there are plenty of other options out there on Etsy. Either way, it’s such a lovely idea and keeps the Christmas spirit alive for the little ones! Mine was from Teddy & Co and was £5.50.




Much Love and Happy Spending!!

Sian & Lyla xx



  1. Emma Lawrence
    December 10, 2016 / 10:04 pm

    Gota love Younique! 😘 But put my biased side aside it is by far the nicest foundation I’ve ever used x
    Love love love those Cotton ball lights ! We have some paper lantern ones but the cotton ones look they will last soooo much longer! Must buy them !!! X

  2. December 10, 2016 / 10:21 pm

    It’s amazing, you will have my business for life!!
    They are so lovely the lights, and such a good price too xx

  3. Katie
    December 11, 2016 / 9:14 am

    Stop encouraging me to shop woman! ! I’m going to tell Rob it’s all your fault that I’ve put hugo in girls clothes 😂😂. Loving the blog ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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