Parenting // “Can I have a shower in the morning, please?”

Yes, I did actually find myself saying this to the hubby on Tuesday evening (as we lay in bed checking our social media respectively, how romantic). Oh, how times have changed!

Of course, just to clear this up, I do shower every day, its just usually a quick dip once the baby is in bed. But by this I meant have a leisurely shower, and then wash and dry my hair in one long uninterrupted session (I know right, how dare I?!), seeing as he was on a slightly later start at work. I had to get in there and bagsy that time to myself as this is when he would usually go for a run, but oh no, I was having this morning!

Well, anyway, ‘uninterrupted’ turned into Lyla getting into the shower with me as she’d missed bathtime the night before; then me eating breakfast with wet hair as I didn’t dare move from the table as she was ACTUALLY SITTING IN HER HIGH CHAIR TO EAT (I’ll get to that in another post, which will most probably be titled “The ‘Terrible Twos’ can f*** right off!). Oh, and then just for a laugh, she asked for seconds of her cheerios, probably because she could see my hair getting frizzier by the minute and she’s hilarious like that.

I did manage a whole 5 minutes on my own upstairs where I managed to get my make-up done (because the world should just not be exposed to the prospect of this not being done, trust me). Daddy then proceeded to open the stair-gate for Lyla so she could see what mummy was doing, yeah thanks for that. Cue 10-15 minutes of her doing the limbo under the hairdryer cord, emptying my hair grips all over the bedroom floor and then having a meltdown when I had to quickly shout ‘NO!’ to stop her from burning her hand on the straighteners. OH THE JOYS. All of this before 8:30am. I’ll say it again – oh, how times have changed!

The rest of the day actually went surprisingly swimmingly, apart from her drawing all over my notebook (which probably required a bank loan at the time of purchasing), oh and then drawing all over Granny’s diary (she is the cause of my love of lists and organisation so this took a lot of teeth gritting on her part). We then missed Santa visiting our road because I just couldn’t keep her awake, causing this much mischief is tiresome don’t you know.

So she toddled off to bed and then I relaxed on the sofa for the evening with a G&T…*

*Wait, no, sorry, my mistake. I sat at the computer starting this blog page, forgetting to eat dinner and drinking a glass of squash. Pretty much the same thing though.






  1. December 9, 2016 / 3:48 pm

    Absolutely love this Sian, you’ve captured my morning perfectly! My terrible twosome does exactly the same and often tries to put my make up on (which also required said bank loan to buy!) and drops it all over cream carpet whilst husband sits downstairs having a cuppa!!!
    Keep the blogs coming, loving them!!!

    • December 9, 2016 / 3:53 pm

      What is their fascination with make-up?! Lyla would sit and play with mine all day, I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that we’ll need a new bedroom carpet at some point, she tries to ‘help’ by ‘wiping’ it if there’s a spillage! So glad you’re enjoying the blog šŸ˜˜ Xxx

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