And so it begins…

My husband always teases me for my love of the hashtag ‘#makingmemories’ but that is exactly my outlook on life, if you can do it and it makes you happy at the time then why the hell not?! This has become even more important to me since becoming a mum. People will say to me “what’s the point in doing that, Lyla won’t remember it?!”. Well, maybe not, but any experience is going to affect the person she becomes in the future and her development, surely? And in the current culture of our lives revolving around social media, and more so in this case, instagram (which I am OBSESSED with by the way, *wink wink* follow the link to my page from the home page – I post multiple times a day about anything and everything), there will always be photos to show her the things we did as she was growing up, I currently have 3500+ in my album of her..*hangs head in embarrassment*. One day she will thank us for everything we did for her, at least she better do anyway, and if not then we enjoyed it at the time, and she can move out there and then!!

Lets be honest, the main theme of this blog WILL be my day-to-day adventures into motherhood (which gets increasingly harder as they grow up right?!) and family life, and the difficulties of integrating this with all the other interests I have! But, if you also love travel and exploring (our biggest love), lifestyle, pretty homewares etc, then hopefully you’re in the right place and will feel right at home in this little community I am hoping to build!  I am very very aware that a mummy blog is quite a popular thing these days, so if you’re here reading this – THANK YOU THANK YOU! This is a massive step for me, something I have been thinking of doing for a long time… oh what the hell, you’re a paragraph in already so we’re friends now, yes? Enough of the niceties – I’m crapping myself!!  I need to learn as I go along, but I’m here to help, share my stories, and most importantly listen to you guys, and hopefully there will be a lot of laughter along the way!!

If you want a little bit of the boring background stuff about me then check out the ‘About’ tab on the home page, otherwise here are a few bits of what you can expect from following me (which you won’t regret I promise!!)…

  • I am going through a ‘beating myself up’ stage of parenting, currently. About what, you say? Every. bloody. thing. That’s what! So look out for lots of ‘HELP ME’ and ‘WTF am I doing having a second child?!’ posts. I am not here to pretend that my family and daughter are perfect (though there may be some days where I let that slip if its been a good day!)
  • I am a complete lover of lists and organisation, I plan to feature regular ‘Top 10’s’ of things I’ve learnt, companies I recommend, what I can’t live without (general and baby-related), places to go – all of which will hopefully be of help to all you mummies and daddies (and hopefully some for the non-parents too!)
  • I love shopping independently, I have found some amazing ‘shops’ through instagram/etsy which I will share in my blogs. In all honesty, though, I have to be selective and I do love the big brands too, the affordability of these has to play a part in this tough modern life of ours – Lyla will most days be dressed head-to-toe in Next (bought in the sale most probably) with a bit of Primarni thrown in there for good measure!
  • As a family, we are slightly obsessed with the Disney experience (the hubby slightly more so than me!) and have it in our life plan to visit DisneyWorld every other year – we almost bought a bloody timeshare when we were there in February (#makingmemories), that’s how silly it gets sometimes. BUT, this does not mean I dress my child in anything Disney, the opposite in fact, I am a complete snob and it has to be ‘classy Disney’ (ha!) to be placed on my child (I’m talking the new Cath Kidston x Disney collection – OH MY)
  • I have made some amazing ‘mummy’ friends through Lyla and hopefully will have some guest bloggers every now and again to add some variation to the party. My lovely hubby is also a very good blogger, having dabbled in travel blogging on a couple of trips we have taken, so I may even try and get him involved if I can!
  • I may venture into vlogging if you lot are nice to me, but I will certainly never win the ‘Model of the Year’ award so if that does happen, then do not expect glamour, sophistication or even just being cool – I am none of those things!!


I am so far from being a perfect mum, wife, or person in general really, but I try my damn best and that’s all we can give ourselves credit for really isn’t it?! So come and say hello, follow me, share to your friends and family, join in the chat, whatever floats your boat – we’re all in this together after all!

Love from Me (and Lyla) xx







  1. Marianne
    December 8, 2016 / 10:23 pm

    So excited about this blog! You have been with me every step of the way of being a Mummy (all 11 weeks of it!!!) and look forward to even more advice, laughs and memories! I’m very lucky to know how great you are. Can’t wait to read every post xxx

  2. December 8, 2016 / 10:26 pm

    You are the best, thank you for supporting me!! You know I mention about guest writers… 😛 xxxxx

  3. Hayley Byrne
    December 9, 2016 / 12:21 am

    Loving this already!! Xxx

  4. Emma Lawrence
    December 9, 2016 / 9:44 am

    Great idea Sian ! Loved the into x looks forward to more x

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